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The Alchemy and Science of Mandala Chocolate

Exceptional and Innovative Nutrition Raw Cacao 40x antioxidants of blueberries More calcium than cow’s milk High in iron and magnesium Flavinols in cacao help us build more neurons Cacao contains anandamide which is the ‘bliss molecule’, which works on central nervous system Theobromine: literally ‘Food of the Gods’ Energizing like caffeine, but superior. Vasodilator instead […]


Mandala Naturals is Proud To Be A Certified B Corporation

February 2017 We believe that any business’s first goal should be service to the planet, to the community and to all the people who come together to create the experience. This is why we have become a certified B Corporation, Certified Organic, Non-GMO. We are a part of a growing community voice that business can […]