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The Innovative Nutrient Delivery of Cacao

Cacao, when combined appropriate  superherbs, acts as the most beneficial delivery mechanisms for nutrition that exists. Through our innovative process, the full spectrum of active ingredients in each herb are fully extracted and suspended in cacao phyto-lipids so that they maintain all of their potency and are more bio-available. Through the metabolic process of theobromine […]

Mandala Naturals Selected as Best For The World 2018

We are proud to announce that Mandala Naturals has been selected as a Certified B Corporation Best For The World 2018 Community Honoree. Only the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations worldwide are given this honor. We congratulate everyone that was honored and acknowledge all companies for their dedication to creating a positive impact. […]

Wildcrafted Superherbs

Mandala Chocolate contains some of the most potent ‘superherbs’ in the world, renowned for their health properties and superior nutrition. A first in the Industry, Mandala Chocolate contains local sustainably wildcrafted certified organic superherbs from the heart of Southern Appalachia. With our careful dedication to impeccable sustainability we have gained organic certification for these herbs […]

We’re on the Food Empowerment Project Chocolate List!

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Testimonial from Marina

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Fuel for Endurance Athletes

Combine ancient alchemy with modern science and you have one of the most balanced, nutritious, and complete foods that exists in the world today. Harnessing the special properties of raw cacao, we amplify the delivery and potency of the most powerful wildcrafted superherbs. The result is a delicious, cutting-edge and performance-enhancing bar that redefines chocolate […]

Blue Ridge Hemp | Mandala CBD Chocolate! | Inside BRH Ep. 410

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Blue Ridge Hemp Collaborations with Mandala Chocolates

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