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Mandala Chocolateers


Making Chocolate
At Mandala Naturals we meticulously handcraft raw chocolate bars containing the most powerful superherbs in the world, creating the most impeccably nutritious food we know and aspire to transfer something of the intangible into every bar we craft.

Work in the Mandala Chocolate factory nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Barnardsville, NC.




Distributing & Representing Mandala Chocolate
Mandala stands alone as an unique and innovative product unlike any other. We are proud to be on the leading edge of chocolate innovation in the world today. We champion the growing community voice that business can be a vehicle for change, for sustainability and for healing the planet. There is no compromise. Join us as we change the world, one revolutionary chocolate bar at a time.

Sell, demo and distribute Mandala chocolates via store networks, resale, events, and more!


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Media, Marketing & Sales Specialists

Ideal for skilled individuals with passion for our products! Media, Marketing and Sales specialists will work as part of a team.

Mandala Media & Marketing Specialists

Content and Web
Social Media
Email Promotion

Mandala Sales & Marketing Specialists

Affiliate Sales
Online Marketing and Promotion



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From Bean to Bliss, From Our Heart To Yours,

Rob Lenfestey, Founder


Mandala Naturals is the manifestation of simple belief that we can create a world that is thriving and magical. Join us on the adventure as we bring this vision to life around the globe.

We are moving forward and creating the world we wish to be a part of.

Join us on this journey as we change the world, one bar at a time.

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about Mandala Naturals and our Superfood chocolate bars.

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