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December 4, 2023

Amazing chocolate amazing community beautiful place

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January 24, 2023

Super delicious, lightly and naturally sweetened, and good for you and healthy too! What’s not to love. Highly recommend for any and all chocolate lovers. My personal favorites are the Wild Chai, Lavender Vanilla and Peppermint Honey… but they’re all really good.

Avatar for Aubrey Ekstrom
Aubrey Ekstrom
January 20, 2023

Mandala chocolate is that perfect combo of healthy, nutritious AND delicious! So many interesting and unique flavors to try & not to mention that it’s infused with so much good energy from the Appalachian mountain community where it’s lovingly made! Pure goodness in a bar !

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Sally Cinnamon
January 20, 2023

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Tim Kelly
November 27, 2022

My wife and I were just driving around trying to get to the waterfalls on Thanksgiving day, but the roads were closed, when we saw chocolate on the map. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate?!

The adventure was great, and the chocolate is GOOOOOOD… and the chocolate I’m eating now has shrooms in it… just not those kind of shrooms. Something about decreasing my libido and increasing cancer, or was it the other way around 🤔

Who cares! It’s some good chocolate baybay!

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Steven M.
June 7, 2022

I haven’t had a bad product yet from Mandala Chocolate. The flavors are exciting and delicious. Can’t wait to try any new creations. Thank you all at Mandala chocolate

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denis odoherty
March 31, 2022

This chocolate is my new favorite! The ingredients are top notch. I have been putting a square of the sugar free Cacao Alchemy in my afternoon shake (after taking a bite) and I definitely feel more energized and focused. I look forward to trying more flavors. Thank you for making such a delicious, high vibe chocolate!

Avatar for Bree Brouillet
Bree Brouillet
December 13, 2021

Seriously the best chocolate EVER!! One of the most nourishing and energizing chocolates I’ve ever had. I tried the Appalachian Wild Chai and it was so delicious ??

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kenzie barlow
November 26, 2021

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Steven Montgomery