Redefining Business Through Cacao
Farmer Picking Cacaco From Tree
Woman Offering Cacao Pods

Redefining Business

In a world challenged by fragile ecosystems, dwindling water, and human disempowerment, we believe business has the power and responsibility to help transform our planet.

We are proud to be amongst the pioneers of the rapidly growing Certified B Corps using business as a force for good.

Our goal is to be a positive influence on the systems we depend on.

Ethically Sourced

We choose ethically-sourced chocolate, adaptogens, and wild-crafted superherbs – unlike any other chocolate maker. Our cacao farmers know and love this plant and honor its power and potency.

Alchemically Formulated

We take our formulations seriously so you get the most nutritious chocolate on the planet. We use both ancient remedies and modern research to blend our cacao with herbs and adaptogens in ratios that deliver potent benefits.

Stone Ground & Handcrafted

Our bars are slowly stone ground with no heat to maximize bioavailability and absorption of their precious ingredients.

Particles are ground to 10 micron or less in size and suspended in the natural cacao fats to prevent degeneration and oxidation.

Your body uses less energy to digest and absorb these nutrients and compounds, meaning more net energy and nutrition for you


We put in ingredients that nourish your body. The theobromine in cacao helps dilate blood vessels and activates the cardiac system (unlike caffeine, which constrict the blood vessels and activates the nervous system). The adaptogens help balance this energy and provide stress-adapting benefits unseen in other chocolates.

We leave out trash.

No soy, no dairy, no blood-sugar spiking processed sugars, no gluten.

Redefining Sustainability

Cacao Pods Fresh From Tree

Embracing Deeper Connection

Deep care for the food that goes in our bodies, where it was sources, and how it was treated.Daily choices to wake up our inner-superpowers.Honing the mind, body, and spirit.Curiosity and the Adventurous Spirit to know what is out there and decide to put ourselves in the middle of it. Again and again.Strengthening our relationships with the Earth and its delicate balance of living ecosystems.

You’re always and forever invited to join us.

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Our Wilderness HQ & Wildcraftory

Mandala Springs is 65 acres of forest, boulders, cliffs and streams surrounded by Pisgah National forest in western North Carolina.

Besides being home to our beloved Wildcraftory, Mandala Springs is being mindfully crafted into a Human Empowerment & Ecological Retreat Center, Biodiversity Conservation Reserve and Educational Forest Farm where we nurture wild plants that we use in our chocolate.

Mandala Springs in certified organic and is a paradise to behold.

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