Ceremonial Cacao

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🌱 100% Raw Single Origin Cacao

❤️ Happy Daily Ritual

Signature Crystallization

1 Pound (16oz)


Experience the Benefits of Daily Cacao Rituals:


🍫 Antioxidant Powerhouse: Surpassing blueberries with an ORAC score of 95,000, our Ceremonial Cacao offers a daily dose of antioxidant goodness to support your well-being.

💆 Stress-Free Focus: Say goodbye to caffeine jitters! The theobromine in cacao fosters relaxation and heightened focus, providing a soothing alternative to coffee.

😊 Mood Elevation: Indulge in the “bliss molecule” Anandamide found in cacao, combatting anxious feelings and fostering happiness with every sip.

🧘 Meditation Enhancement: Elevate your meditation practice with Ceremonial Cacao, unlocking profound spiritual and emotional insights in a truly transformative experience.

😴 Relaxation Aid: Experience peaceful moments as you bid farewell to late-night indulgences, thanks to the calming effects of our Ceremonial Cacao.

❤️ Heart Health: Studies reveal that cacao supports a happy heart by lowering LDL, boosting HDL, and improving blood flow—a delicious way to care for your cardiovascular health.

🌟 Beauty Boost: Nourish your skin from within with cacao’s antioxidants, promoting repair and a radiant complexion for timeless beauty.

💑 Intimate Connection: Ignite feelings of well-being and excitement with cacao’s high levels of PEA, perfect for fostering an intimate connection with your loved one.



Highest Quality Cacao: Sourced with the utmost care, our cacao is of the finest quality, fermented to perfection.
Stone Ground Goodness: Meticulously stone-ground for days, preserving nutrients and flavors for a truly indulgent experience.
Creamy Perfection: Our process results in the creamiest, velvety cacao, perfect for ceremonial drinks and treats.
Signature Crystallization: Setting us apart, we crystallize each batch, infusing it with blessings, intentions, and a touch of magic.
Holistic Intentions: Embrace the power of holistic intentionality with every sip of our ceremonial cacao.
✨ Respectful Sourcing: We honor the cacao plant and the dedicated farmers who nurture it.

Mandala Chocolates Ceremonial Cacao—where every moment becomes a sacred ceremony. 🙏

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16 oz


5.5 × 3 × 5.75 in


8 oz , 16 oz , 24 oz , 32 oz , 64 oz

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We use whichever carrier (USPS, UPS or FEDEX) is best suited relative to the weight and the destination.

Unwrap the magic of Mandala Chocolates' Ceremonial Cacao—a journey of intention, excellence, and reverence for the cacao plant. 🌟

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