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Chocolate For Health, Vitality and Adventure.

Paleo, Keto and Raw Cacao stone-ground with Ayurvedic and Adaptogenic Herbs and Mushrooms.

Using the Finest Superfoods Including Wild, Locally-Harvested Ingredients

Welcome to the Future of Chocolate.


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Cacao Alchemy + Appalachian Wild Chai

70% Stone Ground Cacao with Superherbs & Mushrooms

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10% of all proceeds are donated to Ecological Conservation



Fusing sacred cacao & medicinal herbs

We source cacao from farmers who love this plant and honor its power. The beans are hand-selected and slowly stoneground to release the abundance passed down through this sacred food.

Our herbal ingredients are chosen for their high quality and ethical harvesting practices. Together with cacao they create nourishing food that supports your wellbeing.


Mandala Chocolate is on a mission to redefine business and be a steward of people and planet.

A few of our practices:

  • We only craft food that empowers you.
  • Our bars are organic, our herbs are sustainably-grown or ethically wildcrafted.
  • Our business pays fair wages, sources directly, and is committed to transparency.
Certified B Corp Best For The World 2018

Cacao Is Sacred

Cacao’s use can be traced back 4,000 years. In many ancient cultures, cacao was used ceremoniously, and even as a currency.

In latin, chocolate is called theobroma cacao. Literally, ‘food of the gods.’ But most modern chocolate is stripped of its inherent godliness by overprocessing.

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Cacao Chocolate Ingredients

Thanks to modern science, we know cacao’s antioxidant content is this highest of any food – 4000% higher than blueberries. It contains anandamide, literally “The Bliss Molecule” – promoting joy and bliss, scientifically speaking.

Join us in honoring this sacred plant.


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