Chocolate Milk

Vegan Chocolate Milk

A creamy, vegan chocolate mylk that is sure to delight. This recipe is semi-sweet and relatively low glycemic compared to most ‘Chocolate Milk’ recipes.


  • 8oz Mandala Ceremonial Cacao
  • 2 liters of hot water (just under full boil)
  • 4oz of Mandala Chocola-tea (optional) adds depth and flavor
  • 1 cup Coconut Sugar
  • ½ cup Hemp Hearts
  • 2 liter Blender (Vita-mix, Blendtec, Ninja, etc)

Optional Ingredients

Superfood mushroom powder, cinnamon, ginger, coconut cream; really anything you want to augment the flavor. It tastes great without anything extra however!

Another twist that elevates this chocolate milk to another level: a touch of coconut cream. It imparts a velvety, indulgent texture that’s reminiscent of classic chocolate milkshakes. The coconut cream marries perfectly with the cacao’s deep flavors, creating a symphony of taste and texture that’s hard to resist.


  1. Add 4 – 8 oz of Mandala Ceremonial Cacao to Blender.
  2. (4 oz for a light drink, 6 – 8 oz will be thick and creamy)
  3. Add the coconut sugar and hemp hearts.
  4. Slowly pour on water.
  5. Blend at high speed for 30 – 60 seconds minimum.
  6. This allows the coconut sugar to dissolve and hemp hearts to blend into a smooth, delicious drink.

Serve and Enjoy

The result? A smooth, delicious chocolate milk drink that’s pure indulgence.

But it’s not just about the taste; it’s about the nourishment. The theobromine in cacao gently dilates your blood vessels, providing a natural energy boost without the jitters. And those adaptogens? They work behind the scenes to balance your energy and offer stress-adapting benefits like no other.

Ths is my favorite vegan chocolate milk recipe, featuring Mandala Chocolate’s Ceremonial Cacao. It’s a journey into the heart of pure, plant-based decadence, a celebration of sustainability, and a testament to the power of cacao. Whether you’re sipping it as a morning pick-me-up or indulging in a cozy evening treat, this vegan chocolate milk is a reminder that chocolate can be both sinful and sacred. Cheers to chocolate that nourishes your soul!