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  • CBD Alchemy

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    Mandala’s CBD Alchemy™ is a powerful Cannabidiol (CBD) chocolate bar complete with Chaga and Reshi mushroom and some of the best vanilla grown on earth!

  • Peppermint Honey


    Mandala’s Peppermint Honey Chocolate combines local sustainably-harvested Appalachian raw Sourwood honey with fresh peppermint to create a taste both unique and timeless.

  • Vanilla Orchid


    Mandala’s Vanilla Orchid takes some of the highest quality vanilla and mixes it with the highest quality chocolate for a pure, silky smooth and delicious raw chocolate bar.

  • Lavender Citrus


    Mandala’s Lavender Citrus brings the healing power of raw cacao to a silky smooth and flavorful chocolate bar. The Essence of lavender and fresh orange zest tantalize your taste buds in this sustainably-crafted delicacy.

  • Cacao Alchemy

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    Mandala’s Cacao Alchemy™ offers inspiration through the healing power of cacao and the most powerful and best sourced herbs in world. The result is a sugar-free chocolate unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

  • Cloud Forest


    Cloud Forest Celebrates the healing power of adaptogenic herbs and the silky sweet magic of Baobab and Lucuma. This Special Edition Chocolate is helping save The Cloud Forests of Cerro El Amay in Guatemala.

  • Appalachian Wild Chai


    Mandala’s Wild Chai, features ingredients wild-crafted from the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains and a blend of traditional chai spices. With no added sugar this chocolate is a tasty salutation to your Health!

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