Exceptional and Innovative Nutrition

The Magic of Raw Cacao

  • 40x antioxidants of blueberries
  • More calcium than cow’s milk
  • High in iron and magnesium
  • Flavinols in cacao help us build more neurons
  • Cacao contains anandamide which is the ‘bliss molecule’, which works on central nervous system to promote feelings of joy and bliss.

Theobromine: literally ‘Food of the Gods’

A relative to caffeine and in the same family, Theobromine is energizing, and stimulating but in a very different way.Theobromine is a Vasodilator instead of a vasoconstrictor like caffeine. This increases blood flow and nutrient delivery to whole body.

This can lead to a major increase in performance. This also allows properly sized nutrients to be absorbed easily in the mouth without stomach digestion.

Adaptogenic  Superfoods

  • Highly nutritive herbs provide complete nutrition
  • Adaptogenic herbs and Mushrooms are balancing for the central nervous system and adrenals
  • Helps body to achieve homeostasis and maximum functional efficiency
  • Nootropic Herbs help sharpen the mind and encourage new synaptic growth
  • Herbs and mushrooms with tremendous immune system boosting properties

The Mandala Chocolate Difference

All superfoods are slowly broken down to 10 micron or less particle size with no heat and no oxygen degradation (over 48 hours!) This ensures all nutrients are fully bioavailable, leading to maximum nutrient absorption with minimum digestive energy spent.

Bioavailable micronutrients are suspended in cacao’s lipids (the highly nourishing fats called cacao butter) which prevents degradation and oxidation. This maximizes nutrient potency from creation to consumption. This is done through a complex process of fat crystallization called tempering.

The theobromine in cacao opens blood vessels rapidly in the mouth and increases absorption rate of nutrients before you even swallow!

NOTE: Let it Melt!
Allowing Mandala Chocolate to melt completely in the mouth increases nutrient absorption and uptake significantly. Studies show cacao to be beneficial to our teeth as well!

A vasodialated and open bloodstream, easily absorbable particle size and healthiest balancing nutritive superfoods all combine to create one of the world’s most nutritious and performance-augmenting foods!

We are paving the way for high performance athletes, creative problem solvers and superhumans of all kinds into the future.