Historically, “Alchemy” is an ancient term historically associated with a range of different practices and traditions that spanned not just space and time – across centuries and continents – but also cultures.

When we use the term “Alchemy” at Mandala Chocolate, we are talking about the balancing of unique and special elements that come together the create something greater than the sum of their parts.

This is not just exemplified in our powerful raw superfood chocolate recipes, but in the broader work of Mandala Naturals as a whole – the deep work that we are doing to re-write both narratives and practices of fundamental cultural elements of modern society, like food and agriculture, economy, and belief systems about what kind of world we can live in!

Herbal Alchemy & Mandala Superfood Chocolate

Mandala Chocolate superfood bars are not just our favorite superfoods mixed in with cacao and popped into a package. On the contrary, years of research on and experimentation with the plants and foods used, the flavors and textures produced, and the production process itself has yielded a finely tuned superfood chocolate bar that is more than the sum of it’s parts.

Nutritional Alchemy

Mandala’s herbal cacao bars leverage the multiple interrelated effects of herbs, cacao and other ingredients on the systems of the body to make the most nutritious chocolate in the world.

Nutrient Delivery

Withing the production process. the alchemy begins with the slow stone grinding of ingredients. This slow grind and the careful tempering of chocolate makes the fine particles in the chocolate more bioavailable and easily digested, or even absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth!

Both the careful tempering of the chocolate, which locks the ingredients into a tight crystalline structure, and the powerful antioxidants in cacao and other superfoods like ginger, tulsi, and cinnamon help ensure that the vitamins and other nutrients are well preserved and therefore ready to be absorbed and used by the body.

Cacao‘s theobromine and cinnamon (in the superfood chocolate bars)  increases blood-flow, improving circulation and the distribution of nutrients through the body.

The interactions of these herbs are one part of the alchemy of Mandala’s superfood chocolate bars.

Healthy Energy & Balancing Blood Sugar

The keto superfood chocolate bars Cacao Alchemy and Wild Appalachia Chai have an extremely low glycemic index due to their carefully chosen sweet flavors and complex carbohydrates.

Licorice is not only an ancient medicinal herb, but an effective no-carb sweetener used in both keto chocolate bars.

Lucuma, yacon and mesquite are both uniquely flavored low glycemic index, complex-carbohydrate sweeteners that contribute to the synergy of keto superfood chocolate bar flavor.

However, it doesn’t stop there, inulin in ingredients like yacon have been shown to help maintain and improve blood sugar regulation [1].

Inulin isn’t the only blood sugar support. Reshi, a mushroom that is in all of the superfood bars and Ashwagandha in Cacao Alchemy both have been shown to support healthy blood sugar regulation [2,3 ]. The tulsi in both keto chocolate bars supports liver health, which

In the CBD Alchemy CBD chocolate bar and Cloud Forest chocolate bar, coconut palm sugar, a relatively (compared to cane sugar) low glycemic index sugar is used to sweeten. This makes for a superfood chocolate bar with a familiar level of sweetness, but with much more going on behind the scenes than you average sugar+chocolate “candy” bar.

The careful choice of sweeteners and blood-sugar supporting herbs contributes to the nutritional alchemy, as well as the nuance and subtle flavors of Mandala Natural’s wonderful sweetened and ketogentic superfood chocolate bars.