A Match Made in Blue Ridge

Mandala Chocolate and Green River Botanicals are a natural match. Both are nestled in the wonderful Appalachian hills of Western North Carolina and dedicated to the highest quality products. Both are focused on traditional herbal products for health and wellness.

Chocolate Bar Mandala Chocolate CBD Alchemy

Green River Botanicals and CBD

For Blue Ridge Hemp, their products focus around hemp based CBD. CBD is a traditional remedy for pain, inflammation and is being studied to understand its anti-tumor responses. Recent changes in US law have made the traditional plant more accessible across the nation. You can read about the legality of CBD on Green River Botanicals’ website.

Green River Botanicals is dedicated to sharing CBD for health and pain reduction by creating a variety accessible pharmaceutical free solutions through CBD. They offer a wide selection of CBD products including Mandala’s CBD chocolate, and have a regular blog on CBD superfoods recipes.

Mandala’s Traditional Superfoods

Mandala Naturals has a similar focus on traditional herbs with a broader array. Indeed, cacao, despite its recent reputation as a sugar loaded candy food is in fact a sacred superfood with a rich tradition! But it’s not just cacao, Mandala’s superfood chocolates draw from an array of traditional health foods.

Chaga & Reishi, used in traditional Chinese medicine but grow and are sustainably harvesting right here in Western North Carolina. These and are in all of Mandalas superfood chocolate bars. Also studied for anti-tumor and immune supportive effects they synergize directly with Green River Botanicals’ CBD in our CBD Alchemy Bar and are used in all our of Mandala’s superfood bars: Cloud Forest, Cacao Alchemy and Wild Appalachian Chai.

Appalachian Wild Chai (Case of 6)

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Ingredients wild-crafted from the Blue Ridge Mountains and a blend of chai spices. Appalachian Wild Chai

Cacao Alchemy (Case of 6)

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Combining the healing power of cacao and 15 adaptogens for energy and balance. Cacao Alchemy

Cloud Forest (Case of 6)

Helping save The Cloud Forests of Cerro El Amay in Guatemala and in Southern Appalachia. Cloud Forest


Zingiber officinale Ginger is not only common kitchen spice, but that has been traded across the world for millenia for its medicinal properties. It was valued enough that in the second century AD the Roman Empire was levying taxes on ginger imports, among a short list of other items. The Latin Zingiber, and many present day names for the herb in European languages, were derived from ancient Tamil Ingiver. It's medicinal values are currently studied clinically, but have been apparent for millennia. Aside from the modern recognition it has been used by western medical traditions, and heavily in Ayurvedic and Chinese medical traditions. Ginger supports healthy digestion and digestive health, can alleviate nausea, has anti-inflammatory effects among other positive impacts.


Cinnamomum burmannii Cinnamon, which in English is used to refer to any number of plants form the cinnamonum genus, is a popular and well known cooking and baking spice the world over. Known in the west as a spice for baked goods and sweets, and in the east as a common savory soup and curry spice. Across the Cinnamonum genus, each species has it's own quality of taste and aromas, as well as some differences in chemical makeup. While all are recognized as cinnamon, distinction is important for true culinary nuance. Mandala Naturals uses Cinnamonum brumanii in our chocolates because of the variety's more subtler flavor compared to the more common Cinnamomum cassia used broadly in the US, sometimes without attention to the it's difference in flavor.  The 'Indonesian' burmannii> cinnamon adds to sweetness and subtle spice to the nuanced flavors of our low-carb superfood Wild Chai and Cacao Alchemy, as well as the coconut palm sweetened Cloud Forest superfood chocolate bar.


Ocimum sanctum Tulsi or Holy Basil, native to India, is revered and widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. But it's not just those from it's native bioregion that has found it useful! It is used in Chinese medicine, and it's reverence and use extends to modern herbalists in addition to being researched clinically for a variety of uses.

Licorice Root

Glycyrrhiza glabra Deriving it's name from the Greek word 'glukurrhiza' which means "sweet root". It is one of the most widely consumed herbs across the world and has been in used for thousands of years. It contains glycyrrhizin , which is 30-50 times sweeter tasting than sugar but doesn't cause any increase in blood glucose levels or trigger insulin release. In addition to it's use as a natural sugar free sweetener, it includes a host of other health benefits including anti-viral properties for chronic viral infections like herpes (cold-sores and shingles) and Hepatitis and a wide range of uses across cultures for millennia. Such a tasty root that can fight viruses and has been prized for so long certainly deserves the super-food distinction! 
Ashwagandha Chocolate Ingredients


Withania somnifera The ashwagandha plant is a small shrub with yellow flowers that's native to India and North Africa. It is known as an adaptogen and for thousands of years has been used to relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve concentration. (1)
Reishi Chocolate Ingredient

Hemlock Reishi

Ganoderma Tsugae With a distinctive glossy red coat, reishi mushroom can be easily spotted, usually growing on stumps of fallen trees in the temperate forests of every continent. It has been called the "Divine Mushroom of Immortality" because of its legendary list of health benefits in traditional Asian herbal usage, including immunity support. The Species used in mandala Chocolate is Ganoderma, Tsugae, the Hemlock Reishi, and is native to the Southern Appalachian forests. Mandala Chocolate is the only source of Certified Organic g.Tsugae in the world.
Yacon Chocolate Ingredient


Polymnia Sonchifolia Yacon is a tuber similar to the potato or jicama that is native to the Andean region of South America. Yacon is gaining attention around the world for its numerous health benefits, but it has long been consumed by the indigenous people of South America.Yacon, Polymnia sonchifolia, also known as Peruvian ground apple is a relative of the sunflower. It produces juicy, edible tubers, from which its name, translated as "watery root," is derived.

Pedicularis Canadensis

Pedicularis Canadensis This is one of the plants certified organic for the first time in history by Mandala Chocolate. It is known by a large variety of different common names including Wood Betony, Beefsteak Plant, Canadian Lousewort, High Heal-all, Snaffles and Canada Lousewort, Common Lousewort, lousewort, Betony, Early lousewort, Canada wood betony, Early Wood Lousewort and Head betony.It has been loved and utilized traditionally by native peoples for untold generations who ate it as a vegetable crop, a salad green and utilized it as a multipurpose medicine.


Prosopis Pallida The superfood mesquite belongs to the cultural and culinary heritage of Piura, in northern Peru. Its roots can reach down to aquifers, meaning it can dot the most arid landscapes of the north with its towering foliage of up to 65 feet tall. Sweet and highly nutritional, its botanical name is Prosopis pallida.

Tulsi, Ashwaganda, and other traditional Ayurvedic herbs also play their special roles and contribute to the Alchemy of Mandala’s Chocolate. Particularly in Cacao Alchemy and Wild Appalachian Chai, Mandala’s two Ketogenic Paleo chocolate bars. These bars are some of the only low-carb, naturally sweetened chocolate bars on the market. They employ sweet tasting traditional herbs like Licorice and Cinnamon and low glycemic index and even high protein foods like Yacon, Maca, and Mesquite to create a rich, complex and subtly sweet dark chocolate flavor.

Energize and Invigorate
2 Bar Variety Pack Mandala Chocolates Cacao Alchemy Appalachian Wild Chai
Cloud Forest Chocolate Bars Mandala Chocolate

Baobab and Lucuma are tropical superfoods used particularly in our Coconut Palm sugar sweetened superfood bar: Cloud Forest, named after the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative a project for conservation in central America.

Mandala Naturals is happy to be co-creating wonderful high quality products with Blue Ridge Hemp!

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